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Unisex Free Size Woven elastic two toned Braided Belt

Unisex Free Size Woven elastic two toned Braided Belt

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If you are looking for a belt that reflects your outstanding personality, this “Carnieblaze” trendy PU elastic belt might be the one. The unique design of this casual belt won’t let you go unnoticed. The CarnieBlaze elastic belt will help you a lot in your work and leisure time! When you are busy in the office, the braided belt gives you enough freedom to not hold your stomach. When you go to a casual picnic, the belt fits well around your waist without any pressure, whether before or after the meal. When you go hiking, the breathability and comfort of the web belt will make you enjoy the mountaineering pleasure.

This webbing belt has a certain elasticity and can be stretched to fit your tiny waist circumference changes in a day.

You can wear it casually without any worry, breathable and won't let you get a heat rash especially in summer.

This buckle is made of high-grade plating, which is not easy to scratch. Streamlined design for a more comfortable fit without stress on your skin.

Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

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